Antech Diagnostics does amazing things for Pet Health, and we match their passions.

When the Irvine Animal Care Center invited the community to support its Foster Donation Drive, March 1–31, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate. We shared the event information with our team and set up a donation box in the lobby of our Irvine office to support our four-legged friends.

The Irvine Animal Care Center’s Foster Care program provides a home environment, supplies, food, and veterinary care for animals too young to be adopted, those with behavior needs, and those recovering from medical procedures. The donated supplies collected will help to support this amazing program.

Participating in this event got us thinking about the health and well-being of our pets and reminded us about a project we completed with a company that’s driven by their deep affection for animals and a desire to help them live longer, healthier lives. We thought it would be fun to share this past project and give a shout out to Antech Diagnostics (Antech) for the work they do to improve the health and well-being of pets around the nation.

Antech: A Network of Pet Diagnostics Labs If you’re not familiar with Antech, there’s a good chance your pets lab work was processed at one of their nationwide lab facilities. Every day, they conduct tens of thousands of tests from chemistry to hematology, microbiology to parasitology, vector born disease screening, PCR testing, and pathology in their network of over 70 veterinary reference laboratories.
Facts About Antech
  • More than 30 years working in the animal wellness field
  • Over 17,000 customers
  • Serving over 1,000 cities
  • Average 50,000 samples analyzed per day
  • More than 15 million requisitions in 2020
  • Gold standard accuracy and quality assurance
In addition to providing diagnostic services, Antech supports veterinarian practices by offering customizable solutions with world-class equipment, innovative diagnostics, and a large team of consultative specialists to new veterinary practices.
new antech lab

Antech’s New Flagship Laboratory Buildout

Today, Antech operates the largest veterinary reference laboratory in North America and continues expanding their footprint (pawprint?) across the nation. LCS was fortunate to work with Antech and their architect, Animal Arts, when they decided to open a new flagship laboratory and corporate headquarters in Fountain Valley, California. We renovated a two-level 68,000-square foot Class-A office building which features a diagnostics lab, cold storage rooms, warehouse, training room, server room, conference rooms, administrative offices, and support areas to support VCA animal hospitals.

The main lab area is made up of a variety of lab rooms for microbiology, histology, hematology, chemistry/endocrinology, parasitology, serology, necropsy, and specimen processing where Antech conducts its diagnostics tests.

Many of us at LCS are pet parents, so getting to be part of Antech’s project had a deeper meaning. Our team is fortunate to work with clients who are doing great things. Each project experience is unique, and what we deliver in the end is often tied to something bigger. Our services help bridge the gap between the client’s vision and the technical facility they need to do their special work. Participating in this event and reflecting on this past project allows us to bring attention to the great work being done by both Irvine Animal Care Center and Antech to help animals.