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LCS prides itself as a complete end-to-end provider. From initial project planning and construction, to the ongoing maintenance and service of your new facility, you’ll have the convenience of a single provider taking a holistic view of your entire operation. Using a single organization like LCS with the expertise to meet all your needs means you get back more of your time.

Serving as your General Contractor or Design-Builder, LCS can oversee both new construction and remodels or retrofits. With our legendary service, industry knowledge and attention to detail, LCS is the trusted partner that delivers peace of mind to your entire operation.


LCS is a full-service provider of construction services. Whether you are building new, renovating an existing facility, or simply upgrading an individual lab or production area, make LCS your first choice. As a specialist in operational critical facilities, we also understand the important of mitigating disruptions during construction and fit our schedule to your priorities.


  • Minimization of work-related disruptions
  • Holistic view of all integrated systems and departments
  • Consistent high-level of support regardless of project scope


The LCS design-build method has consistently delivered quality laboratory and technical facility projects. Perfected by LCS over more than 25 years, the LCS approach promotes collaboration among team members, and we have a unique ability to bring diverse resources together to focus on the finish line.


  • Leverages collaboration among all stakeholders
  • Greater assurance that project safety, budget, and schedule goals are met
  • Single source accountability

Plumbing & Electrical Services

LCS can perform the critical construction trades for new buildings, upgrades, or retrofits. Our in-house team of technical facility specialists will provide a turn-key solution for your most challenging liquid, gas, and power delivery requirements. Our experts can also guide and direct important lighting and power back up decisions.


  • Time-saving alternative from traditional subcontractor model
  • LCS experience assures a safe and efficient outcome
  • Our end-to-end perspective integrates all critical components effectively

Maintenance & Ongoing Support

At LCS we want to ensure that you get the most out of your facilities each and every day. Your projects demand an environment that is always running at peak performance and optimum throughput while meeting safety and regulatory compliance requirements. It’s another part of our peace of mind assurance.


  • Increases process uptime and improves employee productivity and process accuracy
  • Easy and convenient service schedules minimize disruptions
  • Knowledgeable LCS service staff keeps you aware of changing requirements

Interested in Learning How to Get Your Project Started?

Consider a Design-Build Workshop!
Get all your critical project facts and peace of mind to confidently move forward with your project before investing significant time or money.

Our team works directly with you to provide a solution that meets the budget, schedule, and functional requirements of your unique project.

LCS’ Design-Build Workshops provide comprehensive documentation that’s suitable for review with key decision makers, investors, bankers, and other stakeholders.

After meeting to determine your goals and objectives, the Design-Build Workshop deliverable will include:

  • Schematic design of your space
  • Preliminary basis of design for key MEP Systems
  • Project schedule
  • Detailed cost estimation

We welcome the opportunity to guide you through the process and bring your vision to reality.

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