When it comes to selecting a general contractor, there are plenty of great choices with solid reputations. But what about when it comes to your complex construction projects – laboratories and technical facilities? 

Complex projects present more significant risks and require more forethought and planning before engaging a contractor. It’s vital to your operation that the end result of your project meet functional, safety, and regulatory requirements. It’s also important that your facility outcome, whether a new build or renovation, is sustainable and maintainable for the long-term.

 5 Key Considerations 

  1. Does the contractor have specific experience with labs? Can they efficiently construct the facility to be in conformance with the functional needs of the laboratory owner, and comply with all local, state, and federal building codes, as well as OSHA?
    The LCS team understands the functional requirements of laboratories; our comprehensive experience makes us knowledgeable and efficient at meeting applicable code requirements.
  1. Will the facility meet my needs and be within my budget?
    LCS considers your facility needs and budget requirements from start to finish. Whether it’s design-build, design-bid, facility support or maintenance – LCS’ priority is providing the highest quality facility to meet your needs, within your budget.
  1. How accurate is the cost estimate? Will the job be completed within the estimated cost?
    LCS maintains an extensive database of costs and other factors that impact the laboratory project cost. This, combined with our breadth of experience, enables LCS to deliver an accurate conceptual estimate based on minimal design criteria or schematics.
  1. How does a contractor fast-track a job? Will my job be completed on time?
    LCS is unique in this regard. Because we use our in-house skilled craftsmen, we control the primary labor components of all lab projects. We’re not at the mercy of the subcontractors for the critical “lab phase” of the job. Refer to our Projects for further information about our experience in the fast-tracking of laboratory and technical facility construction.
  1. What is so unique about LCS?
    LCS is wholly focused on the needs of laboratory and technical facility owners. LCS utilizes its own in-house craftsmen for the critical lab phases of each job, eliminating the double mark-up associated with standard general contractors. Also, LCS provides ongoing facility support to the lab owner, years after the completion of the original project.

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