Outgrowing their existing space, Alkemist Labs needed to find a new location to house their operations. The LCS team worked shoulder to shoulder with the Alkemist team by visiting each prospective site with them and their real estate broker until a suitable location was found.

The next step was to build-out the space to expand their capacity and accommodate the continued growth of their contract testing laboratory. It was essential to ensure the new facility layout would meet their space and process requirements with room for growth.

The facility layout was developed during an LCS Design-Build Workshop and working with Alkemist’s personnel to determine work-flows, equipment, and personnel “head count” for space. With the site and layout identified, LCS completed the 9,000 square foot tenant improvement that included a testing laboratory, associated offices, and accessory space.

During construction, we created more space to accommodate Alkemist’s expanding operations and allow them to deliver a higher level of service with little to no interruption to current operations during construction.

The LCS team transformed an old DMV building into a spacious, efficient, and vibrant environment that supports Alkemist’s specialized work in plant authentication, botanical ingredients identification, and quantitative analytical services to the food and beverage, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical industries.

Alkemist’s laboratory testing services assist natural product companies worldwide achieve and maintain compliance by ensuring ingredients and finished products meet specification. Their new space was completed on time and within budget and allows this industry recognized leader in botanical identification services to increase capacity and expand service offerings to their clients.

Industry: Life Science/Analytical Testing
Location: Garden Grove, California
Services: Design-Build Workshop + Design-Build
Challenge: Finding a location with the right infrastructure to support their needs.

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Our little Lab went from 6,000 sf to 21,000 sf. In my mind, it was a monumental task that kept me awake many nights. Without the expertise and confidence, the outstanding communication with all the competent staff at LCS, I couldn’t possibly imagine how it could have been done. For me, everything turned out better than expected in the projected time frame and not too far off of our budget, which was not unexpected in a project of this magnitude, at least for us. I am deeply grateful for LCS’s experience and expertise in guiding us through this harrowing process, with only 1 – 2 days downtime.

Sidney Sudberg,