As a general contractor dedicated to the design-build process, our in-house conceptual design capabilities continue to grow. To keep pace with the changing construction environment and better meet our clients’ needs, it made sense to provide preliminary design and engineering services as a next step. So, we welcomed Jared Ferini to the LCS team as the Vice President of Preconstruction and Design-Build.

It was important for us to invest in the initial design support in a way that allows us to provide an enhanced level of service. We also needed to refine our existing processes and support the entire LCS team as we provide preconstruction services. Finally, we have a great team who have worked hard. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. We wanted a good fit with our current team.

Jared has the background and credentials to enhance our current service offerings and a team-centered focus that embraces our culture that has delivered preconstruction services to our clients for over 25 years.  


Jared is a California licensed Structural Engineer with over 15 years of experience in structural and non-structural support of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Jared holds a B.S. in Architectural Engineering from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo.

His structural design experience includes new design and retrofit design for laboratories and technical facilities, K-12, higher education, custom residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and government construction industries using various common construction approaches. His experience also includes the design of non-structural component anchorage for vertical and lateral support for MEP building systems.

Jared has extensive knowledge of Building Information Modeling (BIM), software technology with a 3D model-based process for planning, design, and construction. He’s also highly experienced in operations managing cross-functional teams.

We also have a history with Jared, and he knows our team. He was a consulting engineer on many exciting LCS design-build projects over the past 14 years. Jared was LCS’ go-to structural guy for many years! He understands the details of our business, how we earn the trust of our clients and our strategy for the future.


As an executive, Jared oversees preconstruction and design-build operations and supports LCS’ long-term business goals. He works closely with the construction team to support early design development and manage on-going construction projects. He also works closely with the management team to adopt new technologies and systems to support our growth.


Jared’s experience allows us to enhance our existing preconstruction and design-build process. As a result, we can better define the focus of our design-build approach with continuous improvement in design team relationships, skills, and technology.

Deadlines are crucial in the construction industry. We can speed up timelines by integrating a systematic process for project review and analysis from an engineering perspective. We can also address many of the delays caused by design errors and construction errors, a direct advantage to our clients.

Other benefits include the likelihood of earlier project approval on the first attempt or with minimal modifications when submitting plans to the city. The result means a faster project design and approval process that paves the way for construction activities to start earlier and project deadlines to be met.

Jared’s experience allows us to integrate BIM technology and processes when it makes sense in construction coordination. With BIM, we can build a project virtually before constructed physically, eliminating inefficiencies and problems that often arise during the construction process.

We look forward to his leadership and enthusiasm to build great things with our team, for our clients.