CBP #17Let’s face it: there are certain aspects of any working environment that make employees happier and more productive. However, when you are going through the lab construction process, there are also very specific standards that need to be followed to make the lab perfect for the work being done within it. Things, like ergonomic tables and chairs or even windows, can make an employee’s experience at work more enjoyable, plus adjustable tables, chairs, and other equipment can reduce worker’s compensation claims. So, as you work on your lab design and construction, consider some of the following options that can balance the need for an appropriate lab construction while still pleasing employees.

Modular Table Layouts

While there may be certain standards set forth for your lab construction that require tables and chairs to be made of a specific material or have a specific coating, this does not stop you from ordering a variety of sizes and heights in order to accommodate the variety of individuals that will be working in the lab space. LCS Constructors is able to create modular table layouts that can be moved to accommodate the needs of the facility and the employees working in the space as well.

Natural Lighting

TPC 2While not all labs are able to allow natural lighting in through windows for a variety of reasons, there are other options that can provide employees with the same benefits. Full-spectrum lighting provides a mood boost for employees, very bright and clear lighting for technical work, and still conforms to many of the needs of a technical lab.

LCS Constructors is the best in the business for your lab construction project, providing you with a variety of options to make sure your lab is up to standards and also helping you consider what is best for your employees. Learn how we can help you on your project by contacting us today!

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