1. Explosion-Proof Materials and Design

    Imagine it: You’ve worked really hard to create a new material that is strong and yet, flexible.  Now you get to test this material.  To test this material, you and your coworkers head to the bomb range.   This is often how many materials used in a variety of products from bomb-proof clothing to blast-resistant building materials have to be te…Read More

  2. The One OTHER Thing You Should Always Be Thinking About

    Any time that you build a new lab or renovate and update an existing one, there are many different components to be executed to the letter. We previously noted in a blog post that the one thing you should always be thinking about is providing regular maintenance for your lab and its equipment. But when you work with a construction management compan…Read More

  3. The One Thing You Should Always Be Thinking About

    When you first step into a brand new lab space, nothing can seem more pristine. A perfectly executed lab functions seamlessly and seems like a simply flawless space. However, there are many different moving parts within an lab with high-tech equipment and many components that can break or cause catastrophic problems for your company in the long run…Read More

  4. How Do You Know You’re Working with the Right Lab Construction Firm?

    While the technical construction industry isn’t as massive as residential or commercial construction, it’s still important to know that you’re working with the right team for your construction management services when you are ready to build your lab space. So, how do you know which group to choose when you need lab construction services? What…Read More

  5. Construction Done Right In An Occupied Lab

    When your lab is not able to cease operations for a construction project, it’s tempting to hold off on scheduling the construction work for as long as possible, knowing that it is going to disrupt people’s workstations and introduce a lot of new traffic patterns while the work is being done. You may not have the desire or the luxury of being ab…Read More

  6. Best Practices for Choosing a Lab Design Firm

    Making the decision to create a laboratory or technical facility can bring a huge boost to your company's productivity, help you to attract top talent, and increase your effectiveness in research, development, and manufacturing. But bringing that project into existence can feel like a monumental task. We're here to help you break that down into mea…Read More

  7. Balancing Laboratory Functionality with Environmental Responsibility

    As more individuals and businesses become environmentally conscious, it falls upon companies like LCS Constructors to incorporate more green initiatives into lab construction designs. Finding a balance between environmental responsibility and laboratory operational needs is not a simple endeavor. Technical facilities and labs have complex requireme…Read More

  8. Comparing Types of Labs

    Not all laboratories are built the same, nor do they all serve the same purpose. Each lab is unique and the design needs to reflect the individual needs of each lab. It is important that a laboratory or research environment have the correct tools, both for efficiency purposes as well as for safety reasons. So what types of laboratories exist and wh…Read More