LCS is a team of experienced laboratory facility experts dedicated to providing a single source of responsibility for the planning, design support and construction of laboratory and technical facilities.

Our Capabilities Include:
  • Consulting in lab design and planning of laboratory facilities—both new construction and renovations.
  • Accurate conceptual estimating based on minimal design criteria information or schematics.
  • Serving as the prime contractor or construction management company for new laboratory design buildings, modular construction, and renovations.
  • Design-Build services for the single-sourcing of project responsibility.
  • Turn-key laboratory furniture and equipment installation.
  • Complete maintenance, including fume hood inspections for OSHA compliance.

As prime contractors or construction managers, we bring our unique experience in specialized coordination and scheduling to every job, as well as expert control in reducing errors, avoiding delays and costs. As consultants in the design of a laboratory facility, our abilities are better utilized, because we provide both a single source of responsibility and expert counsel on materials, systems and construction methods.

What to Expect From LCS
  • LCS is 100% focused on the needs of laboratory and technical facility owners.
  • LCS utilizes its own craftsmen for the critical lab phases of each job, eliminating the double markup associated with “standard” General Contractors.
  • LCS provides ongoing facility support to the lab owner, years after the completion of the original project.

Quality laboratory design, construction, remodeling and installation provided through professional team service will continue to be our sole objective. Through timely performance, quality and value, we strive to provide you, the client, with the highest level of service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.