Here at LCS Constructors, Inc., we are often asked by our prospective clients about the advantages of going with lab design-build process over the conventional system of a general contractor and architect. We think this is a great question and since we have so much design-build experience, we think that we’re more than qualified to talk about some of the best reasons to choose lab design-build rather over the conventional systems.

  • We’re all on the same team and we all have the same goal: to arrive at a successful project completion that exceeds the client’s expectations. When challenges arise, we roll up our sleeves and work on a solution together rather than pointing fingers or laying blame.
  • Accountability: We’re accountable for everything meaning that we take care of the timeline of completion, how much the project will cost, and how your project’s end result looks. When the same company that designs the project is also the same one that builds the project, you’ll find that there’s a lot more attention given to scheduling and pricing during the design phase.
  • Continuity: As a lab design-build firm, we’re involved in your project from beginning to end. This adds efficiency to the project while greatly reducing the risk of things falling through the cracks.
  • Expertise: Since we’re a lab design-build firm, we’re experts in both fields! Our licensed architects all have formal training and experience in the architectural field as well as professional experience in construction. They understand sequencing, pricing, and most importantly, how buildings go together. Plus, they’ve got structural engineering experience!