In some cases, a self-contained lab design may be necessary for your company in order to manufacture or test any number of products. There are many, many challenges that come with self-contained lab systems, but LCS Constructors has experience implementing the necessary systems to create a self-contained lab space. A self-contained system is just that: self-contained. No outside contaminants are allowed to enter or exit. Every system is tightly controlled with the right filters and circular systems in order to provide a controlled environment.

Whether you need a full lab design and construction, or you need a modular set-up in an existing building, we can complete your project to your exacting specifications. With our wide breadth of experience, we can provide you with any of the following needs for a self-contained lab design and system.

Lab Plumbing Systems

Plumbing systems in a lab include all liquids going into the lab and exiting the lab. For a self-contained lab design, these systems have to be given special consideration. The location and the source of the supply lines have to be carefully considered. The waste systems have to either be carefully controlled, with items like filters, or collected and disposed of separately in order to maintain the control necessary for this type of lab design. The same can be said of not just smaller test labs or biological labs, but also for industrial systems and processes. For industrial manufacturing clients, it be comes even more important to maintain proper control of the waste systems in order to comply with government regulations.

Water Systems

When you work in a lab, even when you’re learning lab techniques at university, it’s important to utilize deionized water. LCS Constructors are able to install water systems that can provide ultra-pure and deionized water systems for professional labs. Being able to always access the right type of water straight from the tap can improve your workflow and the lab functionality, plus reduce chance of error or contamination.

Exhaust and HVAC Systems

In a self-contained lab, considerations surrounding the exhaust systems and the HVAC system, is exceptionally important. Making sure that the system is either a closed system or there are processes in place that help to filter any air going in or out. Proper construction or filtration is key to keeping a system self-contained. Obviously fume hoods present a difficult challenge as they have to be vented out of the space, but in a self-contained system, that is not ideal. Having appropriate features on the vent system allow this to happen without contaminating the lab space.

Emergency Power Systems

Along with having a self-contained interior, the lab system has to also be reliable in order to keep many of the features that keep it self-contained functioning. Any lab with business-critical systems or that has to be self-contained needs to have emergency power systems in case the power grid fails for a period of time, whether due to weather or being overtaxed. This needs to be factored into the lab design early on as well.

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