LSC Constructor Inc is changing science one lab design at a time!

LSC Constructor, Inc is a well-known construction and design firm that was founded in 1991 in California, and that is where our corporate headquarters still remains twenty-five years later. We also now have office locations in both California and Texas. The founders of LSC are three very experienced professionals who have a lot of construction and design based knowledge. Together they have developed a program called design-build. This means that the same people designing your building are also the ones constructing it. This method keeps your project on schedule saving you time and money (we will help you to achieve the lowest possible cost). It also prevents any miscommunication issues. We offer the highest level of service and satisfaction to laboratory owners across the United States.

Lab Design

LCS specializes in laboratory design and construction. Accompanying scientific advanced from the government, military, and medical industries is the need for laboratories to conduct experiments and tests. We have perfected the modular construction for portable labs. This means that we can transport and construct your lab anywhere you need it. They are easily transported or can be drop shipped. Portable labs offer permanent or temporary capabilities for research locations.

What about lab equipment?

Just because your lab is mobile doesn’t mean that it cannot be properly equipped. At LCS Constructors, we have developed effective lab design that allows for anything from fume hoods to chemical resistant work-surfaces. Nearly every research technique and necessary piece of equipment can be accommodated in your portable lab.


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