Whenever you design a lab, you want to make sure that the space is easy to use and, maybe even more importantly, that the space is easy to keep clean. Whether you need a lab design for industrial testing or you need a lab design that involves a clean room, LCS Constructors are able to provide you with an advanced design to meet all of your unique needs. From turnkey options to custom design ceiling to floor, we can make sure that your lab is exactly what you need it to be.

While you may have more than a few ideas on what you want your lab design to be like, consider the following, often simple, additions that can help improve cleanliness in your lab each and every day.

bacteriaTouch-Free Faucets

When we talk about getting sick or contamination, we often think about what we touch. Faucets are often a perpetrator for carrying germs and other contaminants because we constantly touch them when turning them on and off. In a lab setting, this can be problematic because you can never be sure what is getting on the faucet. Installing touch-free faucets in all the sinks across your lab can reduce not only the spread of disease, but also protect employees from potentially harmful chemicals and other substances that may end up on the faucet.

Along with touch-free faucets, there are also other items that can use sensors that make them touch-free in order to help keep your lab clean. Consider adding touch-free soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and light switches to your lab design, or even redesign, to help improve the cleanliness.

Glove Dispensers

Along with opting for newer advancements in technologies, like touch-free devices, sometimes just excellent planning and thoughtfulness can not only keep a lab cleaner, but also provide opportunities to streamline movement throughout the lab. If your lab utilizes latex gloves, then it’s important to provide an intentional and easily accessible spot in which to have open boxes for the gloves. Making them easy to access makes sure that no employee will be forgetting their gloves and it’s a simple addition that can elevate the lab design flow.

Appropriate Storage

One of the biggest things you can do to keep a lab space not just clean, but also organized is to make sure there is enough and proper storage for all of the lab supplies. It’s important that chemicals are stored correctly and according to codes, and that it’s easy to be able to put up any supplies that are not in use. This allows surfaces like counters to be easily cleaned and when everything is in its place, accidents are less likely to happen.

Stain-Resistant Flooringflooring1

You’d probably be surprised at how important your flooring choice is to your lab design. For some labs, a basic tile floor may be appropriate, for others, perhaps a stained concrete. The point is that when you choose flooring, you want to pick something that is stain-resistant and can be sealed. Lab floors have to hold up against a substantial amount of abuse, and therefore, they need to be strong and sturdy. Having the right floor can make the lab space much easier to clean on a regular basis and also easier to clean after spills.

LCS Constructors is dedicated to helping you design and execute the exact lab you need for your business. We are experts in providing you with top-of-the-line and specialized solutions to meet you unique needs, including those that help provide cleanliness and safety. Don’t settle for a lab design that is anything but the best; contact LCS Constructors today to discuss your specific lab needs.