When it comes to the layout of your lab design, every lab is different, and your needs, preferences, equipment, and activities will dictate a large portion of the way that you make design choices.

However, we’ve found that our position as a specialist in building and designing laboratory and technical facilities gives us a unique position and perspective that we can offer our customers. There is value in having the opportunity to see a large number of lab layouts, and we might be able to suggest something that you might not have thought of for laying out your new space. In the interest of making sure that the layout of your space is as useful to you as possible, we can consult with you on the following topics.

Making sure you have a safe work environment
This is arguably the most important consideration for constructing laboratory facilities, to which all other considerations must bow and take second place. If something is not safe, it doesn’t matter how comfortable or aesthetically pleasing it is, it just won’t work. We keep ourselves on the cutting edge of best practices in lab construction, and we are able to consult with you for how others in the industry are solving problems and meeting safety challenges effectively.

Creating the most efficient use of space
No matter how many square feet you have to work with, it’s always a puzzle to create the most efficient use of space in a lab, one where the workflow runs smoothly, where people aren’t running into each other or stepping on each other’s toes, and where all the equipment fits into the floor space in an arrangement that is useful. If your space is small, the biggest puzzle can be how fit everything in, but even if your space is large, it’s worth thinking through the layout and not allowing furnishings, cabinetry, or equipment to be randomly placed. We can consult with you regarding the best patterns we’ve seen for how to create walking space, work space, and storage space.

Building a comfortable and pleasing work environment
While the nature of a laboratory or technical facility inevitably focuses on function over artistry, there’s no doubt that having a comfortable and pleasing work environment can positively affect both employee morale and how your visitors perceive your professionalism and attention to detail. We don’t neglect aesthetic layout considerations, like the visibility of windows from any given point in a building. Even the choice of the right building materials can make a positive difference in building a comfortable and pleasing work environment (for an exaggerated comparison, think painted cinder block walls and corrugated metal roofs versus steel and glass construction). Our consultation will allow you to choose what is best for your budget as well as your aesthetic sensibilities.

Make sure that you leave no stone unturned when it comes to the layout design choices available to you. Call us for a consultation over how your layout could be optimized based on your square footage, day-to-day operations, and equipment footprint.