With the rise in need and desire for mobile research laboratories in recent years, now is a better time than ever to consider investing in an LCS modular/ portable laboratory of your own. Not only do they make for a great investment for your company, they also offer a plethora of incredible benefits for companies and researchers alike.

The benefits that Portable laboratories provide are seemingly endless but, here is a non-comprehensive list to just name a few.

  1. They are great for a wide range of industry needs, including but not limited to: government, medical, petrochemical, security, military, and industrial companies.
  2. They are fully functional laboratories built into mobile units, which can easily be toted from research site to research site.
  3. They are large enough to include all necessary lab equipment, including fume hoods, chemical resistant working surfaces, purified water set ups, and workstations.
  4. They are compact enough to easily be transported across the state or country.
  5. They can quickly be drop shipped for research needs spanning long distances.
  6. All equipment is shock mounted to ensure no damage is incurred upon movement.
  7. They can be used as an all-inclusive, turn-key solution for any company’s specific needs.
  8. They can be used onsite, to segregate projects and equipment appropriately.
  9. They are made to withstand harsh weather without sustaining damage.
  10. They are secure and easily protect against unauthorized tampering.

Of course, there are always pitfalls; here are some of the very few.

  1. They are known to be “cheap and plentiful.”
  2. They are not always made to serve all industries.
  3. They do not provide a long-term solution.

Rest assured that our mobile laboratories are not represented by these pitfalls, though. While, yes, they are affordable, our labs are not cheap, and while we do offer vast number of them, they inherently stand out from their competitors in quality, efficiency, and design. Our mobile labs are built with structural integrity that can’t be beat, a design eye that allows for complete optimization of the space, and materials that provide the most efficient solution to all your needs.  In addition, our modular laboratories are constructed in all different sizes and configurations to suit any and all industry needs as to not discriminate from industry type to industry type. We also design our mobile laboratories to withstand not just weather, but time.

At LCS, we take pride in the portable labs and lab services we provide to our clients and are proud to stand behind what we have. Our mobile labs offer sensible solutions that can be utilized in the expansion of not only research but also businesses. And, they offer the greatest benefits for the most affordable prices. We truly feel that our labs are of the most advanced options facility owners have in this day and age. But, if those pitfalls listed above are simply too much for you and your company to overcome, don’t stress. LCS is proud to offer a design and build service that will allow you to create a permanent and fully-customizable laboratory alternative, instead.

No matter what direction you would like to go, be it mobile or permanent, LCS is here to help you create the laboratory your company needs. Our contractors are experts in their field of work and would be more than happy to discuss you and your companies needs, and help you decide on the best course of action for you. We believe in quality work, careful craftsmanship, and most importantly, incredible customer service. We encourage you to start making the tough business decisions, starting here.  Feel free to contact one of our expert contractors to get started on your laboratory project, today.