With Hurricane Matthew on the war path on the east coast, it’s worth talking about the types of emergency setups that are completed on a mobile scale in order to be functional anywhere. Hurricane Matthew is expected to cause major damage to Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. It has already battered Haiti and the Bahamas, leaving at least 100 dead. It’s situations like these that agencies like FEMA and other private groups can utilize the functionality of a mobile clinic and laboratory to provide much needed medical care to victims. When you need a lab design that can provide mobility, flexibility, and functionality, let LCS Constructors be your partner.

Unique Needs in Emergencies

Unfortunately, natural disasters and other emergencies have unique needs in terms of being able to provide individuals access to help and medical care. Often, infrastructure is unable to allow people to function  normally and in cases like Hurricane Matthew, many could be injured. Being able to provide emergency services in these types of areas is tough because you have to bring everything you might need with you. This can include the need for a power generator and even a back up, plenty of modular space and storage, and yet still meet necessary medical facility requirements.

Creating a Mobile Environment

There are challenges to creating each unique and customized laboratory space that LCS Constructors works on. Some laboratories need to be built on a large scale, others have to be capable of handling even the most caustic of chemicals. Mobile laboratories and lab design have their own unique challenges. Because they are mobile, they need to be capable of withstanding motion. LCS Constructors makes sure that all items are able to be stored or bolted down. Additionally, items that need to be shock mounted can be. As mentioned above, it’s important to bring your own power supply with you, and for emergency situations, also a purified water system. It is possible to create mobile laboratories that are on wheels or can be drop shipped into place. The choice is yours.  

LCS Constructors has vast experience working on modular and portable lab spaces in order to provide clients with the exact facility to fit their needs, mobile or not. Emergency situations often need unique solutions in order to best serve the individuals affected. Mobile laboratories can fit this need well. Contact LCS Constructors for information about mobile lab designs and construction.