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What exactly defines modular architecture?

Modular architecture refers to any type of system that is composed of separate components that can be connect to into one larger and sectioned off unit. This is a great way to build because each portion is attached to its own system so adding or removing a unit has no effect on any of the other units. This type of architecture is convenient, and it also makes a lot of modular units portable.

Modular construction is very versatile and can serve multiple purposes. Modular construction can describe an actual building or elements within the building. Modular units like lab design stations, desks, and storage systems have also revolutionized the way that we are able to work. Modular units are popping up all over and are being used as modular laboratories, data centers, offices, classrooms, and medical centers.

Modular Construction

Most modular construction takes place off site. In fact, most modular construction takes place in a plant or warehouse and is then transported to its prospective location. This allows for better construction quality management. Building in a plant also protects the building from moisture and other elements. Modular construction is focused on sustainable design to improve the environmental impact that construction has. Building in a controlled environment also reduces the amount of waste produced during the modular construction.

Changing the world one modular at a time

Modular construction is revolutionizing the construction process. The process is greener than typical construction methods because working in a plant minimizes material waste and site disturbance. There is less onsite traffic, which means a reduction in pollution from transportation vehicles and construction equipment. It also allows for modules to be refurbished and reused. The module can be disassembled and relocated. Modular buildings can be upcycled for a new purpose in a new location. Modular construction is also significantly faster than general construction. Projects can be completed in half the time due to the elimination of weather delays and building in bulk. Having all of the help and materials in one location makes for much quicker construction. Modular buildings are built to code with quality materials, so you do not need to be concerned about faulty construction. Modular design is also “smarter” because the design options are limitless regardless of the purpose of your module. Add your module to other modules in a pattern for uses like offices, or let the unit stand alone if it is a design lab. The construction is safer, and the use of technology is becoming so advanced that it is simple to install any necessary technology directly into the module.

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