Serving as lab design-builders for both renovations and new construction, LCS Constructors, Inc., strives to deliver an approach that focuses on functionality and value. We offer a team approach to face the complexities that often arise during the construction of labs and technical facilities and you’ll find that your project benefits greatly from this efficiency. In our last blog we began talking about some of the biggest advantages of choosing the design-build process over conventional methods and today we’re back with some more huge benefits to consider.

  • Professional Guides: If you’ve ever dealt with a construction project before, you may have heard the horror stories of how messy design and construction can get. Design and construction should actually be the total opposite and should never be stressful or chaotic. We work to be a beacon to our clients throughout the entire design-build process, helping to guide the project to the best possible outcome. Our design-build process redefines a once chaotic and messy system into one that is refined, managed, and orderly.
  • Involvement: Our design-build process works by assuming that you, the client, actually wants to be apart of the design and construction of your lab or technical facility. This helps to guarantee that you get the outcome that you’re looking for and that we satisfy all of your goals.
  • Collaboration: When you choose to go with our design-build process, you get to cut out all of the big egos so often found within the design industry. As the client, you get to retain total control over your project and our team is here to empower you.