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Let LCS Constructors design your laboratory. You need a lab that is designed for both success and safety. Design and a number of required components play into constructing the perfect laboratory. At LCS Constructors, we offer a package that we refer to as a design-build. This means that our experienced team not only designs your laboratory, but they also build it! We have found that this process is more efficient and cost effective. It keeps the project on schedule from beginning to end, leaves a single source of responsibility, unites a team to cohesively design and construct the module, and of course decreases the overall cost of the project, all of which are great perks of working with LCS Constructors. We strive to bring the best quality and value to each and every one of our customers.

Mobile research labs are an invaluable resource for many important institutions such as government and medical entities. Having a stable and sterile environment that can be moved or constructed anywhere you need it revolutionizes the way in which we are able to conduct scientific research and experimentation. Many times, portable means that you can’t necessarily take everything with you that you want or need, but with modular construction you can still have all of the equipment that you need. We construct our labs with all of the safety features and equipment needed in a way that allows us to easily break down, or fully transport the lab when needed.

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