If you’re a project manager for a company that is need of a clean room construction, or perhaps you’re simply the individual who makes the financial decisions, but you aren’t quite sure what you need in terms of a clean room lab design, that’s okay. Here at LCS Constructors, we’re experts in designing and building the perfect lab space for you. We also are able to turn almost any pre-existing space into the lab that you need, clean rooms included. In fact modular clean room design has become a much more common practice in the industry, and we excel at creating your modular lab space. Keep reading to learn more about how a modular clean room comes to life.

Take any basic office room as an example. When you walk into someone’s office and look around, you may notice that the walls are made of drywall material, there are gaps around the door, and all the walls meet in 90 degree corners. You’ll probably even see the typical commercial carpet that you’ve come to expect in office buildings. However, depending on your ISO certification needs, LCS Constructors can take a room like this and make it into a modular clean room.

One of the many things that has to be considered when designing a modular clean room is how to make sure that there are no particles coming from anything in the room. While it may seem like drywall could be a fine option, in fact, drywall sheds material, increasing the particulate count in the air. For a modular cleanroom, new wall material has to be installed, such as stainless steel or PVC. The same can be said for the ceiling as well, and don’t forget the floor. Each surface has to be durable, particulate-free, scratch-free, and easy to clean with products like polypropyl alcohol. In addition, considerations need to be made for vents and the HVAC system. A closed or filtered HVAC system will have to be installed. Any cracks surrounding vents and in the ceiling, for example, need to be completely filled.

A couple other things are worth considering. Once you get the walls in place, addressing the wall seams is an exceptionally important step in creating a cleanable lab design that won’t collect grime or particles in your cleanroom space. Along with creating seams that are rounded in every corner, it’s exceptionally important to address the entry to your clean room space. The entryway is the main point of access for particulate. No matter what your lab design is like, you will need a specialized entryway. This can include two sets of doors and a fan system or even a floor agitator to make sure all debris stays in the pass-through chamber.

LCS Contractors is able to create a cleanroom for any lab need that can fit any ISO standard that you need to achieve. From a more relaxed ISO 3 with a higher particulate count to the stringent ISO 8 standards, nothing is out of reach. We will work with you to meet your certification needs and help you with the lab design you need for your specialty cleanroom space. Contact us today for more information!