Many companies work on the road. From construction materials testing to medical specimen collection, LCS has you covered. The need to effectively accomplish your work in a consistent, accurate manner is our top priority. If you are considering constructing a mobile or modular lab, there are several aspects to be aware of:



Laboratories can be as unique as the employees inhabiting them. Our modular units can be customized in nearly every detail to perfectly suit your business needs. LCS can help with the complications involved in the laboratory design process. Modular units can be added to your existing building to increase capabilities, both temporarily or permanently. Do you have a need for a clean room inside the structure? LCS can construct a sterile unit that can be moved as needed. This same module can be utilized on the road as well as on your campus.



The key to a company’s success is its ability to deliver reliable, accurate results. Whether you specialize in chemical decontamination or CDL health exams, the goal is the same: Consistency. LCS believes that keeping this standard in a mobile environment is a key factor to success. Our laboratory designers are here to help put your supplies into a modular unit. We believe that proper design allows most of the equipment found in your laboratory to be fitted into our mobile product. Our specialists install and mount your existing tools, ensuring that they are secured and shock mounted. Keep your operations running smoothly and accurately, wherever you are.



Another benefit of utilizing our modular construction is the peace of mind surrounding your valuable resources. LCS knows that security of equipment is a top concern for clients. We design your laboratory with this in mind. Modules are designed to fit into any situation with only one or two entrances. Securing these ingress points is paramount to keeping your operations sterile and secure.
In today’s ever-changing industry, the need to be both flexible and versatile is of prime importance. Our mobile labs and modules showcase our priority of helping our clients fill their unique orders. If working on the move, mobile labs can be shipped to the selected site and set up, usually within hours. The ease and value of utilizing a mobile lab can help improve performance for an array of services. LCS specializes in laboratory and technical construction and can work to suit any need. Contact us with any questions today.