In the past, we have told you a lot about blast resistant buildings – why they are important, what they are, and many other details about the structures themselves. So, let’s get to the down and dirty: how to get your facility properly protected.

Blast resistant buildings are a must for an facility within a “blast zone,” and trust us, if you are in one regularly, you know why. Take our word for it, and trust us when we say it is definitely time for you to add some protection against those nasty blasts, and you can do it with these steps.

#1 Have a site study done

Having a site study done to your work area will allow you to determine the probability of potential blasts in different areas. This is a vitally important step for those who are in petrochemical operations as the chance for experiencing a blast are significantly increased.

Engineers typically conduct site studies; to take the first step and connect with one, please call our office.

#2 Conceptualize your needs

Once you understand the potential dangers in your area, it is important to conceptualize your true operational needs for each individual location on site. This step may require some time, but you will want to write down what areas will be occupied by people, which ones will have chemicals, and which ones will be used for what services. Once this is determined, you will be able to better understand where you will need blast resistant buildings to be placed.

#3 Design

After you have your conceptualized needs mapped out, your concept will need to be transformed into a real, scalable, design. This is where experts like ours come into play. What we do is take your needs and work with you to create a functional plan for your blast resistant buildings that are designed to suit all your company’s working needs. In this step, we cover everything from measurements and interior building design to workstation and exterior protection. Then, once the design is agreed up, we take the next step for you.

#4 Drafting

Following the design of your space. our experts take the design to the drafting stage of providing your area with the greatest blast protection possible. Our engineers use the measurements, ideas, and designs created in the previous step to draw up the actual structural plans for the blast resistant buildings that your facility requires.

#5 Construction

Once plans are in place and drafts have been drawn up, our contractors will begin fabricating your buildings. During this time, our team will also be working on site to prepare your facility for the new blast protection buildings. In this phase of construction, you can expect  all the structures needed for you plan to be fabricated, all exteriors to be coated, interiors to be set up, and your gas, plumbing, and electrical systems to be serviced if you so chose.

#6 Installation

The last piece of the puzzle is installation, and our team handles this step completely. We deliver and set up everything that we construct for your facility, and we test it all to make sure it is working and is set up properly before we leave.

As a construction management company that specializes in blast resistant buildings, we can help you through this process every step of the way. From conducting your sites study, to full installation of your blast resistant buildings, we do our best to go above and beyond for each and every one of our customer.

So, if you are in the “blast zone,” and you know who you are, it is time to make the move. Let our team of skilled engineers and contractors help get you the protection you need and that your facility deserves. We stop at nothing to give you the very best in the industry and getting you the quality protection you need, is no different. Let us help you; we care about your safety.
Give us a call or schedule a time to speak with one of our experts about your company’s own blast protection, today. Each of our locations is ready and waiting with the expert engineers and contractors you need to get the job you need, done right.