Designing, building, renovating, and maintaining lab spaces is what we do best.  We’re experts when it comes to working on laboratory and technical facilities.  Along with all the lab design and construction work that we accomplish at LCS Constructors, we also provide consulting services that can save owners from a lot of problems when it comes to appropriate certification.  Here are three reasons to choose LCS Constructors for your laboratory and technical facility consulting needs.

Accurate Estimates

As a high-quality contractor for laboratory and technical spaces, LCS Constructors knows how the price tag can affect a project.  We maintain a detailed database of costs and have expert estimators to be able to give you an accurate cost for your project early on, no matter the project size.   

Outfitting Any Lab Space

We don’t just stop with expert lab design.  At LCS Constructors, we know that a lab space is never complete until it’s fully operational.  We can help you install and set-up all your lab systems in order to get you up and running.  Additionally, we can provide furniture services to make sure every inch of your space is perfect for your company.

Facility Certification Support

Choosing LCS Constructors means that you have access to top-notch consulting services.  Hiring LCS Constructors for our consulting services means that we will come in and assess your laboratory or technical facility’s assets.  We will then provide you with suggested repairs or a maintenance plan.  Our maintenance plans can be geared to help keep your building up-to-date on its certifications as well.  

LCS Constructors are the best in the business for your laboratory and technical facility needs.  Contact us today for more information.