Overview of LCS

If you want to keep your project on schedule, your costs as low as possible, and utilize a cohesive design team, then LCS Constructors is your best option. Lab design is a complex and multi-faceted job with many moving parts; LCS Constructors utilizes a team approach with a single source of responsibility to ensure that your needs are met with attention to keeping costs down while also making sure that your plan remains on schedule. Traditionally a facility owner will work with design, creation, and facility support teams respectively. LCS Constructors can take care of every aspect of your lab design or construction for you.

Why We’re Unique

We at LCS strive to bring quality and value to each of our customers by understanding what their needs are and then using our unique knowledge and experience in laboratory design and laboratory construction to design and build a state-of-the-art facility that will both meet and exceed your expectations. LCS Constructors approaches design and build by focusing on value and on functionality and we pride ourselves on being a recognized leader in our trade.

From new construction to design to remodels and renovations or your unique needs, the LCS team is filled with experienced craftsmen that are happy to help with technical installation of any exhaust and electrical systems or laboratory casework and fume hoods. Our Lab Specific team members are a unique benefit when it comes to systems as critical as these.

Modular Construction

LCS Constructors also specializes in government, industry, medical, military, petrochemical, and homeland security modular and portable lab construction. Mobile laboratories all have controlled environments regardless of their proportions and arrangement. Nearly all research techniques can be accommodated in a mobile lab and effective lab design allows you to use much of the equipment that is found in conventional labs in their mobile counterparts. Modular mobile labs can be transported to research locations or stationed with an existing lab facility for either provisional or permanent capabilities.


Our specialties include new construction and occupant enhancements, renovations and relocations, service and repair, transfer and connection of equipment, and (most importantly) working in occupied mission critical facilities. No project is too small for us to tackle and we’ll gladly work on plumbing services, mechanical services, electrical services, laboratory casework procurements and installation, and a variety of exhaust and fume hood options.

LCS History

Our team is built around a number of core specialists who have worked together on laboratory and technical facility projects since 1980. Since we started together in 1980, our team has completed over 3000 lab design and construction projects for the most prominent industrial companies and institutions in the United States. You can rest assured that we’ll be completely attentive to the needs of each laboratory and facility owner. We’re also glad to provide ongoing support at your facility after we’ve completed your original project. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Call us today to schedule an appointment and let us help you plan your lab construction and design!