For over 20 years, our specialization in laboratory design has given us a deep and broad knowledge of the needs and solutions unique to laboratory and technical facility construction. From groundbreaking to finishing, we know the precise areas where we need to deliver above and beyond the typical services of a construction management company.

The construction of laboratory cabinetry is one of the areas where we have the knowledge and experience that will stand you in good stead for a facility that has all the features that you need for safe, efficient, and streamlined work.

A cabinet is just a cabinet, right?

Not when it comes to the needs of a lab. Your cabinets are not just for storing office supplies or peanut butter and jelly. Here are some of the things that we keep in mind for you regarding your cabinet and shelf space.

  • You need customized solutions for systematic chemical storage.
  • You need shelving that allows you to remove and replace chemical solutions without tipping the containers.
  • You need logical places to label and store your chemicals, organized by group (flammables, volatile poisons, oxidizing acids, organic and mineral acids, liquid bases, liquid oxidizers, non-volatile poisons, metal hydrides, and dry solids).
  • You need it to be easy to rotate your stock and discard anything that is past date.
    If your space is small for installing storage areas, you need creative solutions that give you the most personalized solution possible to meet your needs while also maximizing your flexibility.
  • You need your cabinets to be made out of non-corrosive materials and to have the necessary features for protecting against accidental spills.
  • You need your cabinets to be made out of sturdy materials that are not going to warp, bend, or jiggle when put through heavy use.
  • You need your cabinets to be correctly anchored to walls and floors in order to maximize everyone’s safety.

Let us provide you with custom designs and solution for your laboratory today.