Here at LCS Constructors, we’ve stated that we, “specialize in mission critical facilities.” We make this statement on both our website and in our blog because we have made it a priority to understand the unique needs of mission critical lab components for our clients. With decades of experience across a variety of lab designs and constructions, we know how to get a mission critical facility designed, built, and up and running effectively. You shouldn’t have to worry about your server room that needs to be running 24/7 or your testing software that simply cannot fail. With LCS Constructors, we work around your company’s needs so that you never have to stop.  

Defining What is Mission Critical

Mission critical hardware, software, or machines are consider products that are absolutely vital to the functioning of a company or, in this case, a lab. When you work with LCS Constructors for your new lab build or renovation, the first step in the process is always establishing the design, followed by a flawless plan for execution. It’s important to know what is mission critical for a lab in order to create a multi-staged plan that can be executed in correct stages. Having mission critical components to a lab can drastically change the overall lab design and execution plan to make sure that your mission critical components absolutely never fail.

Understanding Needs

While you could argue that understanding the needs of the client is a key component for any business (and let’s be honest, it is), it is crucial that our staff fully understands the needs of your lab during the lab design and planning process. This means that each staff member that you work with will listen to you with complete attention and know how to ask the right questions in order to clarify anything necessary, so your company and LCS Constructors can be on the same page every step of the way.

Providing the Appropriate Solutions

After making sure that your project and needs are fully understood, our specialists will work on providing you with appropriate solutions for your lab design and plan. This means that not only will mission critical systems be identified, but a plan will be put into place to match the design and still be able to keep these systems working appropriately. With a wide variety of solutions and contractors available to LCS Constructors, there will be the perfect solutions available to make your lab design project go smoothly.

For more information on what LCS Constructors can provide your company in terms of mission critical project solutions, contact us today!