Not all laboratories are built the same, nor do they all serve the same purpose. Each lab is unique and the design needs to reflect the individual needs of each lab. It is important that a laboratory or research environment have the correct tools, both for efficiency purposes as well as for safety reasons. So what types of laboratories exist and what are some of their specific needs? Here is a brief overview of 3 types of laboratory environments:

Chemistry Laboratories

It is generally held that there are 5 branches of chemistry: Physical, analytical, biochemistry, organic, and inorganic. Each branch has its own unique focus and needs when it comes to laboratory construction. A lab that is researching electrochemistry or chemical kinetics would have different needs than a lab studying stereochemistry of organometallic chemistry, from the types of equipment needed to the ways in which the lab in constructed.

Biosciences Laboratories

Bioscience labs, also known as life science laboratories, serve as research facilities for a variety of interests such as botany, genetics research, zoology, and medicine. Just as with any lab, the environment for a biological lab must adhere to certain criteria, especially when one considers the types of work being done and substances being used. Disposal of biohazardous materials, the containment of biological or pathogenic agents, and proper barriers and safeguards are just a few of the things biological labs must take into consideration in their lab designs.

Physical Science Laboratories

Physics research is every bit as complex and various as that of the other branches of scientific research, ranging from the study of acoustics, astronomy, astrophysics, atomic and particle physics, biophysics, laser physics, and many more. Consideration for the types of research would lead to dramatically different lab designs; a lab studying high-powered lasers would not need the same ventilation, temperature control, or containment designs as a cryophysics lab.

Whatever your lab design requirements, LCS Constructors will work with you every step of the way to ensure that each of your projects has exactly what it needs to be successful, efficient, and safe.