EMQA-75Take a USB thumb drive. When a flash drive is designed, you make think it is simply drawn out in design software then manufactured, which leads straight to distribution. But in fact, there are many more steps that are involved in the process of bring even a simple thumb drive to market.

If you’re a testing facility planning on going through the process of a new lab construction, it’s important to think about all the services you plan to provide in order to fully build the ideal lab for your needs. One of our favorite lab construction products to work on here at LCS Constructors are environmental testing rooms.

Take that simple thumb drive again. After a prototype product is manufactured, there are many stress, fatigue, and environmental control test that needs to be run on it to make sure it will live up to quality standards. How many times can the drive be pulled and placed in the USB port before it breaks? Will it still have data integrity at sub zero temperatures for companies that work at the South Pole, or even NASA? While not all thumb drives have to go through intensely rigorous testing, they all will go through some form or another. Having the right testing facility makes these types of offerings possible.

Let’s say that you plan a lab construction where you main product is to focus on testing equipment for NASA missions, with the occasional testing of recreational mountain climbing products. In order to make this happen, you will need an environmental testing room to make sure that any products for NASA can withstand the extreme heat and cold that it will be subjected to in outer space. Any component that NASA uses, from tiny bolts to thumb drives, could be mission critical and their failure due to extreme temperatures could mean life or death for astronauts.

In the same respect, the recreational mountain climbing products that you supplement your lab testing with still need to be held to strict quality standards. While NASA may seem like it has greater testing needs, climbing equipment also is the difference between life and death for the individuals that use it. If an individual is ice climbing and their ropes fail because they weren’t properly tested in an environmental testing room, it could mean almost certain death for that climber.

When you’re ready to design and construct your new testing lab, it’s important to think about all the features that you will need to provide a comprehensive array of services to you clients. Let LCS Constructors help you design and build the perfect facility for you. Learn more by contacting us today!