As more individuals and businesses become environmentally conscious, it falls upon companies like LCS Constructors to incorporate more green initiatives into lab construction designs. Finding a balance between environmental responsibility and laboratory operational needs is not a simple endeavor. Technical facilities and labs have complex requirements. Constructing these labs also presents its own challenges, but just because balancing environmental concerns with lab construction can be challenging, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Here are just a few ways LCS Constructors meets those challenges.

Modular Construction

LCS Constructors specializes in modular lab construction which reduces the impact on the environment exponentially. Because modular lab construction takes place off-site in a warehouse or a plant, it reduces the amount of waste generated during the construction process. It also minimizes site disturbance in a couple of ways: there is less on-site traffic, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint, and because the modular lab construction designs are disassembled, they can be upcycled or moved whenever necessary.

Variable Air Volume Control

Variable Air Volume Control, or VAV Control, systems are increasingly important in lab construction design. Unlike constant volume systems, VAV systems are able to monitor and control the conditioned supply air as needed. This leads to reduced energy and natural gas consumption, and it should be noted also leads to financial savings as well.

Debris Management

Any lab construction project will necessarily produce some waste and construction debris that needs to be disposed of. But there are a couple of ways to reduce the amount of waste generated during a project. As mentioned above, our modular lab construction allows for a more productive building process which limits the amount of waste and debris being produced. There are also creative ways to utilize certain materials being generated, such as hauling the materials to a recycling facility, rather than a landfill.

By working closely together, LCS Constructors and all of our clients can ensure that each lab construction and facility exceeds operational and environmental needs.