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Construction management companies like LCS Constructors provide great advantages to science by constructing units such as modular laboratories . Having a modular lab constructed in comparison to a regular laboratory can speed up the experimentation process exponentially. Traditional labs can take two to four years to build depending on the complication of the lab design, while portable labs generally take less than a year to build due to their compact size and components .Our labs have the ability to stand alone or can be connected to other buildings to be used for space expansion. Pick the size and components of your lab for the perfect durable and fully equipped research on the go solution!

Modular laboratories can also be used for chemical defense or contamination. They provide a sterile environment that can be transported anywhere to provide physical isolation for infected people or plants. They can also serve as a safe house for those trying to avoid any pollutants or infections. Modular lab construction also allows for rapid response, when necessary. Sometimes, important research is required to be conducted immediately, and there isn’t always a lab readily available to be used. Portable labs allow for portability and flexibility. They allow for research to be conducted anywhere and at any time, on your own terms and with the equipment of your predetermination.

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