There are few events more stressful for a lab than moving. After all, your lab contains years of work, thousands of dollars, and the livelihood of all the lab technicians. If your laboratory move does not go smoothly, it could be disastrous. That is why it is of the utmost importance for you to approach this task in an organized manner. In this blog, we have included some tips for making sure your lab move is organized so it goes as smoothly as possible.

Make a Timeline

The first step to moving labs is to make a timeline. You should begin preparing for your move a minimum of six weeks prior to your move date. Put down on paper the exact schedule for every task you must complete before you move, from cataloguing to packing up to labeling to shipping to physically moving all the equipment. Be very specific with this plan; for example, you should know exactly where the test tubes will be packed, and on what day. You should anticipate every step, including easy-to-forget tasks such as breaking down boxes. You should also include any regulatory processes that you will need to follow during your laboratory move, including any permits required from the government. It is best to stay on top of these tasks because the agencies offering these permits generally work on their own time and the process can often take longer than you would expect.

Assign Tasks

When you know a timeline for what you need to complete, it is time to delegate tasks accordingly. Everyone who works at the lab should be involved in the move, from the technicians to the office administrators. From cleaning the beakers to disposing of the trash to packing everything up, there is a lot to be done, and it will go most efficiently if you have many hands to help out. However you break the tasks down, make sure it is clear what tasks each person must perform.


When you are moving, it is a good opportunity to get rid of any materials you don’t really need. If you have broken or outdated equipment, get rid of it before you move. Additionally, don’t move any chemical, biological, or radioactive materials if you can avoid it. Dispose of your extra materials and equipment properly and save yourself the hassle of moving unnecessary items.

Clean Your Old Lab

Before you move, it is necessary for your old lab to be cleaned. However, leaving this to the last minute pretty much guarantees that it won’t get done. Give yourself enough time before you move to completely clean the lab, and get all hands on deck for this task. You might consider pausing your research efforts a week or two before your move and devoting all your time solely to cleaning to ensure that your old space is sanitary for its new tenants.

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