Ibis Biosciences, Inc. (Abbott)
Forensics and Diagnostics Laboratory
Location: Irvine, California
Architect: Ewing Cole
Architect: Ware Malcomb Shaw

Ibis Biosciences engaged LCS to construct a new administration space and several lab areas for forensics and diagnostics testing. The design-build project involved demolition of the existing interior build-out; once the interior build-out was complete, specialty plumbing, gas, and water systems were installed.
The new plumbing included a reduced pressure backflow preventer (RPBF), compressed air systems, ultra pure DI water systems, nitrogen supply loop, natural gas piping, and condensate piping. The HVAC system included 21-tons of new roof top mounted units which required a substantial structural upgrade to the roof and a large equipment platform. The electrical system was upgraded to support a 450-amp load with additional capacity for future expansion.