Proper maintenance is essential to the safety of your laboratory environment, and protects your investment over the long term after your laboratory construction is complete. One example of this is the prevention of erosive chemicals from damaging expensive equipment and furniture in your facility. OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.1450 requires a Chemicals Hygiene Plan (CHP) for all laboratory facilities, including a performance certification of the fume hood system.

LCS Constructors can provide this certification for you. LCS offers a complete maintenance program, including preventative maintenance for fume hood exhaust systems. Our comprehensive, three-step program will ensure your fume hood systems operate, and will continue to operate, at recommended performance levels.


In Step 1, LCS performs a preliminary inspection to assess the functionality of your fume hood systems and evaluate what, if any, deficiencies might be interfering with safe performance. In addition to a Face Velocity Test, the assessment includes inspection of:

  • Exterior Hood
  • Superstructure
  • Exhaust and Supply Fan
  • Sash
  • Plumbing
  • Ductwork
  • Electrical Systems

Upon completion of the assessment, LCS provides a comprehensive written report listing the results of the assessment and recommendations for repairs, if needed.


Step 2 includes a complete, prioritized quote for any repairs necessary to bring your fume hood systems up to industry standards, and the completion schedule of repairs, according to your needs and availability. LCS prioritizes repair recommendations and quotes to help you keep your lab environment safe while accommodating budgetary needs and scheduling requirements.


In order to prevent expensive repairs and potential safety hazards, LCS recommends a regular preventive maintenance program at 6-month intervals to cover the entire fume hood system. LCS provides this service, and will proactively contact you or your designee in advance of each interval visit. The routine preventive maintenance program includes:

  • Exterior Hood Inspection
  • Sash Maintenance
  • Face Velocity Test
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Plumbing Maintenance
  • Exhaust / Supply Fan Maintenance
  • Ductwork Maintenance
  • Written Report
  • Superstructure Lining Inspection & Cleaning