Location: Torrance, California
Completed: June 2010
Architect: TomkoWoll Group

Groundbreaking for this design-build project started in April 2009 for ExxonMobil’s new 10,000 square foot single story laboratory facility. The new facility consists of a quality assurance (QA) lab that allows for the testing of the refinery’s various petroleum products prior to their distribution into the marketplace.
ExxonMobil’s new QA lab incorporated design features that will enable the efficient use of work space and allow for a hands-free work environment. While the new facility is smaller than their previous facility, the new floor plan allows for a more user friendly and efficient work space. Additional lab features included 130 tons of chilled water and a variable air volume (VAV) control system to handle the exhaust requirements of 20 bench top fume hoods, 3 walk-in hoods, and 60 articulated exhaust snorkels. The plumbing systems included an extensive gas distribution for controlling six separate laboratory grade gases as well as a DI water loop.