LCS Consulting Services

When your project begins, you may require the help of a consultant on such critical factors as site selection, development timeline and construction issues. Whether your laboratory design is a stand-alone facility, or included as part of a much larger project, it is important to consider the special requirements for laboratories and technical facilities as early in the project as possible. LCS provides critical support and/or guidance in these cases.

LCS provides consulting services based on extensive hands-on experience. We can participate as members of your decision-making team, or provide independent consulting services, according to your specific needs. Our knowledge of building codes and OSHA, ANSI and other standards, along with our experience in lab design and construction and technical facilities, makes us uniquely qualified to guide you in the development of your project.

LCS as Prime Contractor

LCS is a highly-qualified prime contractor, with broad general experience in construction management services in addition to extensive specialty experience with laboratories. For a project that includes a laboratory or technical facility, LCS is the right choice for prime contractor. With years of  experience in specialized coordination, scheduling, error reduction and cost control in complex technical construction, our construction managers will assure that the entire project is completed on time and within budget. Our considerable amount of experience with laboratories and lab design will provide practical, economic solutions for the entire project.

Conceptual Estimating

Cost is a fundamental consideration of lab owners and developers. Whether the project involves the designing and building of a new facility from the ground up, renovating an existing lab, or simply installing furniture, LCS is keenly aware of the value of an accurate estimate early in the project timeline. LCS maintains an extensive database of costs and other factors that affect laboratory project cost. This, combined with the breadth of our experience in laboratory design and construction, enables LCS to deliver an accurate conceptual estimate based on minimal design criteria or schematics. The LCS team includes a Certified Professional Estimator, who works in conjunction with our Project Management team to assure that the full project cost is accurately projected and that every opportunity is taken to enhance the value you obtain from your laboratory investment.

Turn-Key Furniture Installation

When the “shell space” for your lab is defined but not outfitted as a lab, LCS can design, install, and connect all lab systems and furniture so the facility is end-user ready. Based on years of experience and the most current knowledge of state of the art equipment, our experts can advise you on the selection and layout of furniture, counter-tops, fume hoods, duct work, fans. This will insure that you have the appropriate surfaces and equipment for the type of work to be done in your lab. Then LCS field craftsmen will install, connect, and quality check the facility. From plastic laminate, wood & metal cabinetry to chemical-resistant epoxy, composite & custom built solid counter-tops, LCS experts deliver the highest quality products within your budget and facility requirements. LCS is well-versed in the full range of laboratory features, including selection and installation of specialty fixtures such as remote-operated sinks, explosion-proof devices, and customized counters and utilities. Our knowledge of fume hood exhaust systems enables us to provide you with the optimal duct work, fans and fume hoods for your operating environment. We will evaluate the existing capacity of “make-up” air, advise you on the appropriate volume of “make-up” air to assure a safe lab design and environment. We will then install the entire system for you. Once your system is installed, we can maintain it for you so it remains in optimal working condition for years to come.

Relocation & Remodeling

When your existing facility requires relocation or remodeling, turn to LCS for the highest quality facility to meet your needs. Our experts can plan and perform the demolition and removal of the existing laboratory furniture and equipment, and design, install and connect the new laboratory so it is fully ready for operation. If need be, we can arrange to phase the construction and installation of your new systems and furniture while ensuring that your lab remains operational throughout the project. Our experienced management team and field craftsmen are sensitive to the special requirements of the working environment of laboratories, and will ensure that the relocation or remodeling of the lab does not impede your lab’s operations.

Furniture & Equipment Repairs

When your lab furniture and equipment are in fair condition but require cosmetic improvements, LCS can refurbish your lab from top to bottom. We can help you select the appropriate paint and application methods to refurbish the laboratory environment safely, including furniture, equipment, walls and ceiling. We can also monitor the condition of lab equipment and provide the appropriate repairs to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.