When considering a laboratory renovation, it’s important to think about all of the inherent limitations of your existing facility. Does it hold up to safety standards? What about its energy performance? Things like this, plus other considerations like heigh constraints, can make a laboratory renovation an expensive and possible inefficient undertaking. As a trusted construction management company that specializes in laboratory and technical facilities, we’re here to look at a few reasons why renovations may not always be the most economical decision.

While it’s normally true that completely replacing laboratory facilities is more costly than a partial re-do or renovation, it may not actually be as expensive as you think. Sometimes there’s a tipping point where a renovation just doesn’t make “value” sense.

  • Most clients don’t realize how expensive renovation is, thinking they can at the very least save the structure and exterior. However, the cost of the core and shell of a contemporary lab building only constitutes about 30%-40% of replacement costs. Additionally, if your new laboratory program requires tech-heavy spaces, the overall capacity of your existing HVAC system won’t be able to keep up.
  • Is most of the building occupied? If so, the cost of replacing or upgrading all of the systems within the building by surpass baseline prices. If you’ve got employees who will be occupying the building during construction, complicated phasing logistics will need to be put in place. This usually means that your construction project could take a lot longer than you initially expected and be more costly.