In our last couple blogs, we began looking at some reasons why renovating your current laboratory may not be the best course of action for you. However, it may be that your capital budget won’t let you build new and as a construction management company, we understand this! Say you’ve looked at all of the renovate, replace, and repurpose scenarios we’ve given in our last two. Today we’re going to give you a few reasons why renovations may still make good sense for you.

  • If your facility has been well-maintained over the years, tied to a larger campus with central utilities, and the HVAC system has been recently updated or replaced, then you may just have the right scenario in which your current facility has the adequate systems capacity to meet any new demands installed with your renovations.
  • Does your current facility under-utilize space? While you may have long considered this an issue, this space can now be an asset as it can provide an area for temporary employee and department relocation during renovations.
  • Will the cost of energy upgrades needed during your renovations give you a seven-year payback in your operational savings? These renovations can even be phased depending on capital budgets.
  • How are the HVAC and plumbing systems? Do they only need minor upgrades to achieve the flexibility and adaptability that you’ll need after your renovations? It’s important that your HVAC or plumbing doesn’t need major overhauls to make them work with your new systems and the overall renovations.