If you work at a lab that has mission critical operations, you know how important keeping your lab running is when you’re in need of upgrades. You simply can’t shut down your facility in order to make necessary repairs or upgrades, yet it’s also essential that these things get done in order to keep your lab space safe, accredited, and running at peak performance. LCS Constructors knows how to execute a technical construction or upgrade on mission critical facilities to make sure your lab doesn’t have to stop work to get the improvements that it needs.

Make a Plan

With our extensive experience working on labs that provide mission critical operations, we know how to plan out and execute your technical construction or upgrade to provide the least amount of intrusion in order to keep your lab functioning. Prior to the start of any technical construction, our specialists will sit down with you and provide a multi-staged plan that will keep your lab functioning and still provide the necessary work. This plan will be the bedrock of your technical construction project.

Execute in Stages

An active lab can’t simply shut down for any period of time if they provide mission critical services to their company or their clients. That’s why LCS Constructors makes a plan to execute an upgrade, repair, or renovation of the lab space in stages to best provide the lab the functionality it needs while still getting the technical construction aspects complete. Ideally, things like electricity, gas lines, or other main lines won’t have to be shut down, but if they do, working around main hours and limiting the time that they are down can help to keep these mission critical processes functioning. Additionally, these stages will help LCS Constructors work on different parts of the lab while still allowing work by employees in other sections.

Utilize Slow Times

One of the most important parts of planning a mission critical lab renovation is timing. You want to plan your renovation for the slowest part of the year for your company. Make sure that you have a low amount of work to provide during that time that can be accomplished in a smaller or reduced lab space. Additionally, if necessary, LCS Constructors can utilize nighttime work in order to reduce the disruption for employees during the day.

At LCS Constructors, we pride ourselves in being able to provide the best technical construction that interferes the least with mission critical labs. We’ve worked hard to come up with solutions that we can apply to your lab. Contact us today for more information about your project needs!