One of the services you may have seen listed on the LCS Constructors website is “lab hardening”. The purpose of this post is to explain what this service entails and how it differs from the technical construction of blast resistant buildings also offered by LCS. This information is especially important for companies who may have the need for a blast resistant room, building, or shelter, but a limited budget and/or space in which to consider new construction.

On its simplest level, hardening a building means to renovate and retrofit an existing structure so that it is better equipped to withstand an unexpected disaster or attack. Especially in the petrochemical business, laboratories, and with other sensitive materials, buildings must be constructed in such a way that they have the best chance of remaining unscathed no matter what has occurred outside.

During the lab hardening process, LCS Constructors will begin by conducting a detailed survey of the current lab facility to make a record of its current structural integrity, barrier systems, and penetration and emergency detection systems. We’ll also use our expertise to evaluate the  operational, logistic, and security needs of each particular facility, including roads, landscaping, and other features that may affect the way your building will react in the event of an unexpected explosion.

Once these evaluations are complete, LCS can make a comprehensive evaluation to present to your company leadership as to whether hardening or technical construction of a brand new building makes the most sense for your laboratory.

Feel free to contact LCS Constructors with any more questions you may have about this service.