One LCS Constructors service that is increasingly in demand is blast resistant buildings. Especially popular in the petrochemical industry, but also necessary in any industry where a facility’s occupants could be at risk of explosion or natural disaster, LCS specializes in technical construction of these safety buildings, shelters, laboratories, and rooms. As their name implies, these structures are incredibly resilient, in some cases making the difference between life and death for your employees. Keep reading to discover more ways your company could benefit from a blast resistant building or retrofit.

Protection From A Variety Of Unexpected Disasters

Safety and sterility are paramount for the success of companies with laboratories and technical facilities. In many cases, these companies are working with volatile, valuable, and/or dangerous materials. While training and vigilance go a long way toward protecting the safety of people and equipment, accidents can and do happen. A blast resistant building can offer shelter from a variety of unexpected disasters, like gas and vapor explosions. These resilient buildings can also provide protection from extreme heat, flames, and smoke that may result from such an explosion, as ballistics or blunt force trauma that may occur during a forced entry.

Insurance Compliance

In order to maintain proper insurance coverage on your facility, blast resistant buildings may be required. LCS has years of installation and retrofit experience with this type of technical construction, so you can rest assured that the doors, walls, windows, and roof will be engineered to the most demanding standards.

If you have further questions about how a blast resistant room can benefit your company, please contact LCS Constructors today.