When you first step into a brand new lab space, nothing can seem more pristine. A perfectly executed lab functions seamlessly and seems like a simply flawless space. However, there are many different moving parts within an lab with high-tech equipment and many components that can break or cause catastrophic problems for your company in the long run. So, the one thing you should always be thinking about is regular maintenance.

What LCS Constructors Can Do For You

While LCS Constructors does focus on lab design and construction, our construction management services can also include regular maintenance for many of the items in your lab. From fume hoods to checking electrical systems, among others, there are many different aspects of a lab that we can provide regular scheduled maintenance for. It’s important to keep your systems in top working order to make sure that your employees remain safe in the lab space, to reduce repair costs, and to keep mission critical processes functioning at peak performance. Whether LCS Constructors did your initial lab construction, or you’re simply looking for help keeping your lab up-to-date, our maintenance services can benefit any lab facility.

Don’t Forget the Benefits!

Reduced Repair and Replacement Costs

When you have regular maintenance performed on many of the systems in your lab, you’re investing in your company. Maintenance is a much more affordable option than having to replace equipment that you invested a lot of money into to begin with. Making sure that ducts are clean and everything is functioning properly can reduce your long-term costs.

Maintain Accreditation Standards

In many cases, certain ISO standards, along with other accreditations, require that you provide and document regular maintenance to all your equipment involved in any testing protocols. By already having a regular maintenance schedule in place, you won’t have any of your accreditations called into question due to poor maintenance.

Provide a Safe Working Environment

One of the main reasons you should work with LCS Constructors for regular maintenance in your lab is simply because you want to keep your employees safe. There are many potential hazards in a lab if equipment, like the fume hood or gas lines, isn’t regularly checked and tuned up. Failure to work appropriately can lead to gas leaks or a buildup of toxic gases in the lab space, threatening the health of the employees working there.

Let LCS Constructors be the first company you turn to for maintenance in your labs and other construction managementment services. Contact us today for further information on the services we provide.