Blast resistant building design is increasingly becoming a popular choice for testing facilities and critical laboratories located within “blast zones” of plants that handle hazardous materials. LCS Constructors, one of the most trusted construction management companies in the Irvine area, has led the charge on construction and engineering of blast resistant building design. As professionals in our field, we understand the importance of coordinating between all trades in these critical facilities: electrical, plumbing, mechanical, laboratory equipment, and furniture.

We put such an emphasis on quality blast resistant building design because of one big thing: safety. The safety of on-site personnel in buildings within blast zones and within industrial hazardous plants is absolutely critical. You may be wondering how an explosion could occur at one of these sites. Normally this happens when an explosive material is detonated by a chemical reaction. During this chemical reaction detonation, the explosive material is rapidly converted to a high temperature at supersonic speeds and high pressure gas. This quickly expands to form a blast wave and structures in the path of this blast wave are normally entirely engulfed by what we call shock pressures. Shock pressures can cause severe damage to buildings within the blast radius and those employees within these buildings are at a great risk of injury. Our blast resistant building design aims to protect occupants against fire, explosion, and toxic material releases.

As one of the most experienced and professional construction management companies in the area, we understand what it takes to design a high quality, safe blast resistant building.