When you construct or renovate a laboratory space, it’s important to think about how the technical construction will help you to meet a plethora of lab accreditation standards. Planning in advance to apply for certain testing lab accreditation can help you to know what you need to achieve during the technical construction phase of your lab project.

Maybe you’re just getting your lab design off the ground and trying to figure out what needs to happen next; working with LCS Constructors for your laboratory technical construction allows you the confidence to know that your facility will be up to accreditation standards. Consider these reasons why you want to set your lab up for success and follow through with all the steps to become an accredited lab.

Performance Standard

When you achieve ISO accreditation, or other industry-specific accreditations, the independent evaluators say that your lab is both constructed and run according to a set of high-performance standards. The accreditation shows that your lab follows certain testing protocols and maintains a high quality of work that can be reproduced and relied upon by any client that works with you.

Marketing Advantage

Being accredited in ISO or other lab accreditation standards does give many technically constructed labs an edge in the marketplace. Why would clients go to a company to have their product tested that does not have lab accreditation when they can opt for one that does and know the specific processes and standards in which their product is being subjected to. Having lab accreditation shows clients that the lab has taken extra steps to ensure quality and consistency for their work as evaluated by a third party. It’s a way of guaranteeing a certain level of performance that non-accredited labs cannot.

Worldwide Clientele

Along with gaining a marketing advantage for your lab with third-party accreditation, you open your lab up to a worldwide market. Certain lab accreditation standards, like ISO, are recognized worldwide and allow for business not located in the United States to recognize the quality that they will receive by working with your lab. You expand your client base by providing the quality and execution that is expected in other markets that may not be required solely in the United States.

LCS Constructors know the importance of making sure a technical construction for a lab is ready for accreditation before work even begins. We can help you design and execute a lab space that will pass accreditation standards. Contact us today with any questions you may have about your lab project!