When you begin your laboratory or technical facility construction project, it’s entirely possible that you might need the help of a consultant for critical factors and decisions that involve site selection, construction issues, and development timelines. Whether you’re starting work on a stand-alone facility or what you’re building is a part of a larger project, as one of the biggest construction management companies in Irvine, we can help you consider all of the important special requirements that you need to consider when building a laboratory or other technical facility.

Today we’re going to take a deeper look at how we provide added benefits to your construction project as consultants.

  • You’ll have someone on your side. When you dive into a construction project without a construction manager or consultant, you’re relying on the word of the general contractor or architectural partner and because money is going to be a big factor in your construction project, there’s a possibility that your relationship with the general contractor can become contentious. When you choose to go with LCS Constructors, you’re putting a knowledgeable professional on your side with a check and balance system to make sure that all change orders are reasonable.
  • You’re hiring someone with hands-on experience. Whether you need us to be a part of your decision-making team or provide consulting services independently, we can work with you based on your specific needs. We have extensive knowledge of OSHA and building codes, as well as ANSA and other standards. Couple that with our experience in lab design and technical facility construction and we’re uniquely qualified to help you every step of the way.