Did you see our summer newsletter outlining the value of engineering? If you missed it, you can check it out here or keep reading for a quick overview of everything that we covered.

Value Engineering

In this section, we discussed how value engineering is not necessarily a new term, but it’s incredible how little people actually know about what it is value engineers do and what exactly they don’t. What we found is many people confuse “Value engineering [as a] euphemism for ‘cheap’,” but it is not. In fact, value engineering, when defined correctly, is just a process in which engineers analyze materials, systems, and operations being used, to determine where savings could occur without putting processes or performances at risk. This, as you can probably tell, is an incredibly important process to be had in order to make a company’s performance both more scalable and efficient; it’s definitely not a process that you would want done by someone “cheap.”

In short, we outlined value engineers as those who:

  • Find the greatest value that can be achieved for the least amount of cost
  • Determine processes and changes that need to be made in all stages of a company’s processes (preliminary through final)
  • Record current facility costs
  • Determine design flaws that, if fixed, could reduce costs

Improving Your Mood At Work

In this section, we discussed four simple ways to improve your mood at work. We encouraged readers to build a nest and turn their workspace into an area that welcomed them and brought them happiness; make friends and avoid only venting about work to those friends; walk around and make sure you get your blood flowing regularly; and get organized and STAY organized. All four of these tips are to help you not only improve your mood at work, but also relieve heavy amounts of stress while you are there.

We summed up this section with the idea that you can only take out what you put in, and how that applies directly to your happiness at work.

LCS News And Capabilities

Here, we discussed what all we can do for you. From lab design-construction and standing lab design, to relocations, remodels, and renovations, we are committed to providing your company with the services and expertise it needs to develop and succeed. We outlined our services here as well, which include:

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • International Services
  • Construction
  • Support
  • Building
  • Portable Laboratories
  • Plumbing/ Electrical/ Mechanical
  • Blast-Resistant Buildings

Other Things We Touched On

In this newsletter, we also touched on a number of different, fun topics, including:

  • Disney’s Philosophy to strive to go further and the development of animated pictures.
  • How to make business fun again.
  • Behind the walls of King Tutankamun’s ancient tomb
  • Our connect with the Construction Leadership Network

Remember, if you want to read the newsletter in full, you can find it here. Otherwise, we look forward to hearing from you about your next construction management or laboratory project. Give us a call at 1-800-757-5227 to speak with one of our expert contractors today!