Making decisions about your business is never an easy task. Trust us, we understand; we run our own too! What we can tell you is that decisions never get easier, but being educated on how to make the best decisions can help. Our team works hard, as a construction management company, to help you and your associates make educated decisions that allow you to build, design, or buy the laboratory that is going to work best for your company’s needs.

For our team, this means educating you and your crew on what we actually do as your construction management company and the consulting services we offer. These services include but are not limited to acting as your consulting contractors, prime contractors, estimating crew, installation crew, relocation and remodeling crew, and general repair crew.

Consulting Contractors

We will work with you and your affiliates to get the best idea of what the end goal of your project is, as well as what equipment you desire, what design styles you like best, and what you would ideally like to get out of your laboratory. Unlike many other construction management companies, at LCS, we are dedicated to being hands on every step of the way. This includes using our knowledge of building codes, OSHA, ANSI, and other standards to help mold your wants and needs into realistic and obtainable plans for your new lab.  

Prime Contractors

As your prime contractors, we bring both skill and experience to help you get exactly what you need on the specialty and technical sides of building your facility. Acting as prime contractors, our team will schedule, coordinate, monitor, and collaborate with all the outsourced workers on your project to ensure that every job, no matter how small, is done exactly as it was planned. In doing this, we are able to reduce errors, control otherwise worry-some projects, and ensure that your job is completed perfectly, and more importantly, on time and within budget.

Estimating Crew

As your estimating crew, we use our knowledge of the industry to take all your wants and needs, conceptualize them, and give you a realistic cost estimate for your project. From the ground up, small or large, our team is able to combine their experience working in the industry with their expansive knowledge of industry costs (covering worker pay, time, and products), and give you a realistic look at what kind of money you will be spending to create your desired space.  Our estimating crew here at LCS also works closely with your project manager (ours or otherwise) to minimize any unwanted or unexpected costs.

Installation Crew

As your installation crew, we go above and beyond to make your design and build experience with us a comprehensive one. Once our crew is finished with the building portion of your laboratory, our turn-key installation crew installs, connects, and tests all your desired lab systems, machines, and furniture. Once our installation crew is done, your facility will be completely user-friendly and ready to go! What we pride ourselves on is the fact that every member of our installation crew has all-inclusive knowledge and expertise on any and all of the state of the art equipment you might choose for your lab.  

Relocation and Remodeling Crew

As your relocation and remodeling crew, our team is prepared for truly anything your company needs. With the expertise of our contractors, the skill of our consultants, and the knowledge of our installation crew, our team is able to knock out any type of remodeling or moving project that your facility requires.

General Repair Crew

As your general repair crew, we are committed to helping your facility succeed. From fixing and refurbishing equipment to monitoring and repairing all items in your lab, including walls and furniture, we are equipped and ready to handle any challenge.  

With all of these aspects of our construction management services in mind, we hope that we can make your decision to contact us an easy one. And, if you don’t feel like this blog gave you the education you needed and would like a more advanced overview of the services we offer and why we offer them, we encourage you to explore this page or contact one of our expert contractors, today.