While the technical construction industry isn’t as massive as residential or commercial construction, it’s still important to know that you’re working with the right team for your construction management services when you are ready to build your lab space. So, how do you know which group to choose when you need lab construction services? What do you need to look for in order to make sure that your project is exactly the way you need it, up to high-quality standards, and completed on time within budget? Consider the following as you look for a construction management service to complete your lab design and construction.

Look at Past Projects

Past projects and a portfolio of work are some of the best indications for any company. Seeing what lab projects a specialized construction management company has completed and talking to their clients about the experience during the process, will give you a strong indication of what type of experience you should expect for yourself. If you’re looking for very specialized set-ups, ask if they have down any previously. If you’re looking for a turn-key solution, check and see what results they can provide. While many companies will have similar solutions, if you have unique needs, you want to make sure those can be met.

Can They Offer a Full Suite of Services?

Knowing that a construction management company that specialized in lab builds can offer a wide variety of products and services is critical. You many never know exactly what you need to begin with (or maybe you do) but through the planning process, you don’t want to find out that the company you have chosen to work with can’t provide exactly what you need, forcing you to start all over with someone else. You want to work with a group that has the knowledge and skill in order to provide all the services you need for your lab construction. Additionally, knowing that a company is able to follow through with maintenance for your lab on a regular basis is simply an added benefit.

What is Their Accreditation?

Just like your lab will probably have accreditation standards, you will want to look into a construction management company’s accreditations and certifications in order to make sure they can execute  the high standards you require. Check for liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and other safety accreditations that can give you more information about a company.

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