After you’ve completed your project with our construction management company, it’s important to remember that proper maintenance is crucial to not only the safety of your technical facility, but it also protects your investment from erosive chemicals and contaminants. Because OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.1450 requires that your facility have a Chemicals Hygiene Plan and this includes a performance certification of your fume hood system. This is why LCS Constructors, Inc. offers a total maintenance program which includes this certification, along with preventative maintenance measures for your fume hood system.

We have a comprehensive 3-step program that will make sure that your fume hood operates at the recommended performance levels:

  1. Assessment: We’ll perform an initial inspection and evaluation to see if there’s any repairs that need to be made to your fume hood exhaust system.
  2. Quotes & Repairs: Once we complete step 1 and complete the evaluation of the fume hood exhaust system, we’ll provide a complete and prioritized quote for any repairs that we find necessary. We’ll prioritize all repair recommendations and quotes so that you’ll be able to keep your lab environment safe while keeping your budget and scheduling needs in mind.
  3. Preventative Maintenance: We want to help you save money and protect your investment. We offer our preventative maintenance to help you prevent costly repairs and even potential safety hazards. We normally do these in 6-month intervals to cover the entire system and will proactively contact you in advance of each visit. Our preventative maintenance program includes the following: Exterior hood inspections, face velocity test, sash maintenance, electrical maintenance, exhaust / supply fan maintenance, plumbing maintenance, ductwork maintenance, written report, and superstructure lining inspections and cleaning.