In case you’ve been wondering whether or not it’s important to hire a construction management company that specializes in technical facilities for the build out of your new medical facility, the answer is absolutely yes! If you’ve never been involved in building out a medical or otherwise technical facility, you would be surprised at how much more is involved with this type of construction compared to an office building. You may be wondering, “How do I choose the right contractor that’s going to do an excellent job for my medical facility?” Today we’re going to help answer that question.

  • Ask the right questions. You’ll find out some of the most important information that you need to know during this time. Are they licensed? What associations do they belong to? What type of insurance do they carry and can they produce copies of their insurance declarations? Do they work out of their truck or do they have a proper office? You can read all about our qualifications here.
  • Address all of the details up front so that there are no surprises. Make sure that items such as incoming power for the equipment being used is being proposed and overlooked as it can get costly. Remember, when you hire a construction management company that’s familiar with medical and technical facilities, as well as imagining equipment, they’ll be able to help you avoid a lot of common financial pitfalls and ultimately help you save money.

Our consulting services is a great source of knowledge and information for all questions and concerns with your upcoming medical or technical facility project. Call us today!