Blast resistant laboratories form LCS Constructors!

When looking for the best company for construction management, look no further than LCS Constructors. LCS has a very hardworking and experienced team of designers, builders, and managers to get your project done quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on constructing the safest and most efficient modular research laboratories.

Blast resistant buildings

Our modular laboratories offer a lot of great features when it comes to convenience and safety. These lab designs can be transported practically anywhere while containing all of the equipment and features needed to complete proper experimentation. We offer our modular labs in stainless, blast resistant steel. Having blast resistant buildings offers less risk for all of its occupants in the event of a blast. We are experienced in applying and meeting blast guidelines. One of the most important features of a blast resistant building is to ensure that the exhaust duct and equipment are equipped with protection, so that it is not damaged from the force of a blast, should one occur.

Already have a lab or looking to renovate your lab?

No problem! LCS construction management can harden your current lab by reinforcing the existing walls with steel, blast resistant walls. We can also install blast resistant walls and equipment during a renovation process. Let us harden your facility to the appropriate standards to keep you and your lab team protected from any unexpected blasts.

What are you waiting for? Call the experts at LCS Constructors, your local construction management company to schedule your  consultation on a blast resistant building or modular lab renovation today!