Making the decision to create a laboratory or technical facility can bring a huge boost to your company’s productivity, help you to attract top talent, and increase your effectiveness in research, development, and manufacturing. But bringing that project into existence can feel like a monumental task. We’re here to help you break that down into meaningful and achievable chunks and ensure that the whole process for you is smooth and headache-free.
Think of your whole project as being broken up into three stages. First, you have to prepare your strategy and request proposals. Then you have to write a contract. Finally, the provider you choose will execute and deliver the design-build project. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these stages.


Procurement Stage

In the procurement stage, you will be defining your needs and expectations, planning your project, setting a budget, evaluating risks, and requesting proposals. It’s important in this stage to have a clear vision of what you’re doing, why you need it, who needs to be involved, and what will constitute a successful outcome. You will need to communicate clearly with all parties to make sure from the beginning that your lab or technical facility will actually turn out the way you envision it.


Contract Stage

Once you have selected a construction management company to design and build your laboratory, you will agree on the terms in writing with a contract. Your contract should be a fair, balanced, and understandable document that lays out the obligations and expectations of each party. Don’t look at your contract merely as an obligatory piece of legalese; remember that it’s meant to avoid common business pitfalls and smooth the road ahead of time in case of potential conflict. The contract can contain many helpful aspects, like incentives to the builder if performance goals are met, payment schedules and expectations, and important project milestones. One of the most important factors the contract can help resolve is what to do if there is a dispute, who in the chain of command is responsible, and who has the authority to make the final say.


Execution Stage

Finally you have everything documented on paper and you can move on to the fun part: Blueprints and plans, groundbreaking, watching your design take shape, and excitedly anticipating the grand opening. But even here, you can’t just sit back and twiddle your thumbs. In this stage, you can still be purposeful about building an atmosphere of teamwork, close collaboration, and trust. There are a lot of logistics to manage, and it’s helpful to create efficient systems of administration, resolve issues promptly, and offer timely communication.


No matter what stage of the project you’re in, we are here to ensure that the design and construction of your lab is executed correctly from start to finish. Let us take on your next project!